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Work Experience

Satellite Six – Senior Developer, Dec 2013 – Dec 2016

I worked with a small team in the roles of Developer and Senior Developer from December 2013 to December 2016, primarily responsible for development of websites on the WordPress CMS, utilizing a theme I customized from Foundation, called Mercury. In addition to website development, other key responsibilities I had included contributing to Mercury, reviewing and merging code into Mercury and client projects, meeting with clients for preliminary project planning, and assisting in the quoting process. I also worked with the team to mentor new developers and build deliverables processes.

The company  grew alongside my skills.  I was the first employee and joined while still a student.  I was a significant part of the company’s growth for the last three years.

Main Responsibilities:
  • Website front and back end development, including custom integrations and builds
  • Participation in team & client meetings.
  • Bi-weekly development with company management.
  • Work with sales to accurately quote delivery time for development projects
  • Mentor new developers
  • Coordinate development team growth with company management
  • Research & Development of internal software tools and workflows


Chippewa Valley Technical College – Software Development, 2014

Learned the fundamentals of programming, scope analysis, syntax, and the basics of many common languages such as PHP, JavaSript, etc.  I participated in a number of group projects as well, and ended up taking the lead on every one.  I maintained a 4.0 GPA, developed strong relationships with a few instructors as well as students, and used all of that as a catalyst to push my growth in my first position at Satellite Six.

Technical Skills

  • PHP (5)
  • HTML (+5)
  • CSS (+3)
  • SCSS & Less
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • 3rd party libraries
  • WordPress
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Plugin Development & Customization

Additional Information

I believe my biggest strength lies somewhere between my passion for knowledge and my malleability in process.  I am regularly looking for newer or better ways to solve problems.  I am also always willing to hear alternate ideas or solutions, and am flexible when it comes to adopting new methods or ideologies.

My highest priority is also producing the best results in everything I do.  Programming and Design are two massive passions of mine, and drive me to do so.  Problem solving, and the reward of finding a solution are something that never get old.  Just like seeing that “Wow!” response to a design makes me love what I do.

If I had to choose three words to describe myelf, they would be Passionate, Proficient & Perceptive!

You can read more about me here.


Kayla Fullington: Inbound Marketing Specialist, says:

“During the year and a half that I worked with Darren, it was nothing short of impressive. Aside from building quality custom websites, he acted as a resource for myself and other team members. He was always willing to take the time to thoroughly explain how various elements worked when it came to web development. His confidence and commitment made him a great leader and influenced others in a positive way.”

– Kayla can be contacted here.

Todd Otto: Fellow Developer, says:

“I started under him as a junior developer. Once he left Satellite Six, I would have been lost if it was not for what he did in development. We set up a process that was autonomous and efficient, that made others ask how we could get the same thing done in less time.”

– Todd can be contacted here.

Baxter Bauer: Designer, says:

“Darren was able to develop each design we worked on together with speed and precision I’ve rarely seen from other developers I’ve worked with. He has an attention to detail with a true eye for the small consistencies. Being able to take website designs from being average and disorganized to exceptionally user-friendly is a strength he possesses. Due to his innate attention to detail and organization I would recommend him to anyone who wants a meticulous and talented developer that strives for more than being ordinary. He is one of the best developers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

– Baxter can be contacted here.

More written references coming soon!

Other Professional References: Rachel BaarsonRobbie Lund.